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We Serve Huminity

DesiFunder is the first ever social fundraiser for charities and people in need now serving across the world.

What makes DesiFunder stand out from the rest is that it gives campaign organizers the chance to invite others to be a part of their story.
In the same way that we share parts and snippets of our everyday lives on Facebook, we also want to share all our pursuits, dreams, celebrations and even challenges online through crowdfunding.

Whether you believe it or not, most people will be more than eager to support others they truly care about. At DesiFundMe, we get rid of the physical barriers commonly associated with receiving any financial support from people close to our lives.


We hope to encourage the entire community to open their eyes to things that are not right and appropriate in this world. We want them to realize all the topics and issues that truly matter.

Social Communities

Always make taking action as part of your conversations. Put the money where your mouth is and try making meaningful statements because it is our world for shaping.


Supreme transparency runs in our data, our values and our business model. If you don’t find it here but is clear, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are Available 24/7


No organization will continue to thrive if not maintained and supported on a regular basis.We wanted to ensure that you will get the funds required for maintenance purposes.

Response and Action

We like to empower our community to take action with an act of giving so they will be able to inspire others when taking action.So we wanted all of you to join Us.


we always want to inspire you to gather all your families, friends, and community to raise all the money you need to make a difference for you. Receive support by our volunteers anytime by contacting them.

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