Crowdfunding Services

Campaign Manager

DesiFunder Provides an opportunity for every fundraiser to use the service of campaign Manager at totally free of cost with no tags attached.

As soon as your campaign was approved by desifunder, you can view the Campaign Manager allotted to you by clicking on Help Desk tab under My Account. you will also get contacted by your campaign manager through email with no more than 24hrs.

Campaign Manager will make sure to help you with any kind of issues that include verifications, payouts, goal amount, fundraising currency etc

Campaign Manager

Fundraising Guru

Fundraising Guru was one of the Services provided exclusively to desifunder campaigners and should be enrolled by campaigner in order to use this service.

Having seen hundreds of thousands of campaigns, we know what works – our fundraising guru are the crowdfunding experts compiled all the tips, tricks, and best practices for a great crowdfunding experience.

Desifunder cannot guarantee this service at all times and can provide you this service strictly based on the availability of experts. but we provide you a list of number of fundraising guru’s to choose from in your dashboard.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst was Premium Service provided for campaigners with greater needs of funding requirements. In general this service was mostly opted by charities and non profit organizations for continuous funding needs. We strongly recommend this service for all non profit firms who requires funding on regular basis.

There are also times where we enroll this service for some of personal campaigners but this service strictly needs our marketing analyst’s approval to work for your campaign. In most of the cases, one of our marketing analyst will contact you after you request this service to approve your case and they consider campaigns based on fundraiser social portfolio.

Marketing Analyst