Want to know How crowdfunding works?

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Starting a campaign and Raising funds in Desifunder happens in 4 simple steps.

Start A Campaign

To start a campaign you must first register with Desifunder. Next Start your campaign by writing up your story, setting up the goal and end date. Your campaign images, headline and description should be in such a way that it attracts people to click your campaign.

Share A Campaign

You can share your campaign with your family and friends. Let the world know about your campaign. Make people share your campaigns to raise more funds. Share your campaign on social media websites and what’s app groups. Make your campaign reach more number of people by sharing it.

Raise Donations

Receive funds in the form of donations. Receive funds by using multiple payment options like Credit card, Debit card and Pay pal.

Receive Money

After raising funds you can receive your funds in your bank account. The only thing to do is to request for transfer of your funds.  Finally time has arrived to solve your problems.