08 Jul

Planning to Start a fundraiser for your cause. Here are the 4 most important things to be considered while listing a crowdfunding campaign.

Be Specific and Detailed:

Proper analysis need to be done before listing a campaign and it should be for a valid cause. While listing a campaign, mention all the details specifically. Upload related images and videos if possible to raise more funds.

Goal amount:

Just don’t put a figure over the goal. Please list all the expenses with related images if possible. And don’t forget to mention the specific reason and for what the money raise will be used.

Share Campaign:

To more people Campaign reaches, more chances to raise funds. Share the campaign to your friends and family and let it reach to maximum people.

Post Updates:

Post updates related to the campaign regularly. So, that donors will get to know what’s going on with your campaign and how their funds are used and are going to use.







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