07 May

Do you have this crazy business idea that you know it will boom and you will be a millionaire with time? You have tried reaching out to your family and friends but you know they have mortgaged their house, and they still owe the shopkeeper thousands of cash. Well do not beat yourself up, here are some of the tips you can use to raise crowd funds.

Be sure of your target audience

If you try raising funds from just anybody, they might mistake you for a con or worse. Ensure that the audiences you target are your fans in different ways. You should focus on the people who know you and have identified themselves with you for something. Another way you can achieve this is by targeting the audience that is passionate about your field of exploration. It could be based on political, religious or geographical factors.



Decide on the right crowd-funding site

As much as there are many fund-crowding sites, each one of them targets a specific audience. Your creative ideas might fall into the wrong hands, make sure that the site you choose is full of people ready to give you support. An important idea to you might be irrelevant so an audience in a particular site, all your efforts to raise fund from there will be futile because they will not see the relevance of helping you.



Have an arrangement for spending their money

Your friends and family might be willing to assist you with your idea, but they must know that their money does not go in vain. However much your idea might be cool enough to attract a lot of funds, you must have a plan in mind in how to use the funds and stick to that idea. Well, some might get the funds yes, but implementation proves to be a challenge. Before you raise money, make sure you have considered all options and risks you might experience.


Make good use of your social media networks

You will realize that many people are not so familiar with the crowd-funding site. You will, therefore, need to make good use of all your social media platforms to reach a large group of audience. You could get someone to manage your social media platforms to ensure that they are monitored in real time. Well, you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs. You will have to use all means possible to ensure you get what you want.


Plan the future

This is the best advice given to an innovator. You should be able to anticipate the future and know how to deal with things as they come. When you fail, you cannot go round the world explaining why, everyone looks forward to success and failure is just failure and nothing else. You therefore should have a habit of planning everything before you take a move. If you impulsively raise funds with no plan on how to use it, you will find yourself using the funds in a different way all together.





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