Desifunder is the only genuine platform which provides transparency to both campaigners as well as donators. Desifunder is the only platform which offers services to reach your target goal. Desifunder offers services like Fundraising Guru, Marketing Analyst and Campaign Manager who will assist in marketing, raising funds for the campaign which no other platform provides. The most important was it charges low fees for using of platform to raise funds. Provides 24*7 support and responds immediately when required.

  For Campaigner:

1) Can start a campaign from India and USA.

2) Able to collect donations from India and USA.

3) Low fee rate.

4) Ready to market your campaign to reach people.

5) Offer services to reach your target goal.

6) You can share your campaign directly with friends and family.

7) No penalty for donations which miss the target.

8) We Keep track of donations, provide all the list of donations for your campaign.

9) Transparency

10) Suggestions and tips are provided.

11) 24/7 support through email as well as phone

For Donor:

1) Only Genuine Campaigns are placed in our website.

2) Can donate money in USD and INR.

3) We provide the updates about the status of campaigns you donated.

4) No fee will be charged for transaction or donation.

5) Refund will be provided if anything goes wrong.

6) Transparancy

7) Can contact campaigner for additional details.

8) 24/7 Support related to queries.

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